Over the years I have been privileged to be involved in some wonderful moves of God. Here are some examples:

Wheaton College, Chicago

I was at Wheaton in the early 1980’s. At that time the Lord led me to pray in faith for revival at the College. Some 15 years later it happened. In 1995 the Holy Spirit came powerfully on the College. It was a revival of repentance. Here is an account of the revival from the college’s archives:

“In March, the campus again experienced revival. Two students (Brandi Maguire and James Hahn) from Howard Payne University in Texas had been invited to speak about a revival on their campus at the Sunday evening World Christian Fellowship (WCF) worship service on Sunday, March 19, 1995. They did so and their testimonies were immediately followed by confessions of sin from the individual Wheaton students. Soon, as each individual confessed, large prayer groups formed around them. The service, held in the College’s Pierce Chapel continued until 6am on Monday morning. Leadership for the service, formal and informal, was provided by WCF chairman, Office of Christian Outreach (OCO) assistant director Kevin Engel, Timothy Beougher, professor Lyle Dorsett and his wife Mary, college chaplain Stephen Kellough, college librarian John Fawcett and dean of student programs Ruth Bamford. They continued to provide informal leadership throughout the week. The meeting then adjourned until that evening, when after a brief introduction and period of singing, confessions again began and continued the until the next morning. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings saw the same thing happen. The services moving from Pierce Chapel to the sanctuary of nearby College Church on Tuesday night. Thursday night signaled the end of the event, with a worship service of praise and testimony attended by a large portion (perhaps a majority) of the student body. Toward the end of this service, there was a prayer of dedication for hundreds of students who wished to dedicate their lives to full-time Christian service.”

All the glory to God.

Revival among an Indian tribe, Paraguay, South America

During my stay as a missionary in Paraguay the Lord spoke to me that He was sending revival upon one of the Indian tribes. Before it happened there was intense travailing prayer. The Holy Spirit would come upon some of our youth in Concepcion. It was incredible. At times the youth looked like they were being electrified by the power of God. Then the Lord told me that He would send some Indians to us. We were to pray for them and they would go back to their tribe and revival would break out.

One weekend a singing group came to do a concert at our church. In obedience to the Lord, I prayed for them. It didn’t seem that anything happened. However, when they returned they had a mighty move of God. Meetings would go for many hours. The power of God was manifested. I went with a friend and stayed a couple of days with them. It was a great privilige to preach to them. I could not see the people as it was night. I preached with a kero light, and the people sat on the ground in the bush. This happened about 1997.

All the glory to God.

Revival at Christ Church, Dingley, Vic.

The Lord put it on my heart to pray in faith for revival at Christ Church Dingley in the early 1990’s. During that time on a Sunday morning  a prophecy was given of a great dam that was about to break. The Holy Spirit was about to be poured out. This took place in 1996, for 18 months with 35,000 people visiting the church. Here is an account by one of the leaders of what happened in its early stage.

“The number of visitors increased as word got around, as people in quiet and in dramatic ways were touched by God’s lovely Spirit. One boy who had lost his brother in a traffic accident and had not cried since then, sobbed for a long time, before the crying turned to a gentle laugh or giggle. The change in him has been dramatic. Others have had their love for Jesus renewed and restored, and have captured again that first love that John speaks of in Revelation chapter 2.

At this point in time we have moved into the larger hall; last week there were 240 people at the Monday meeting and 200 on Tuesday. A recent development from some parishioners has meant that the ministry will continue. Cumulatively over 2,000 people have been to the meetings from more than 110 churches of many different denominations. We praise God for the breaking down of denominational barriers.”

All the glory to God.

Prayer the key to revival

David Yongi Cho once said that revival begins in response to prayer. The reason why it may not continue is because prayer does not continue. May we stir ourselves to pray for revival.