HER HEART STOPPED 3Xs, used defibrillator & pacemaker. Coughed up her lung lining.


Allison was desperate for God to heal her lungs. She had to lie with her legs up twice a day for 30 minutes, to drain the fluid from her lungs. She would cough up mucous at night. Her lung disease, Bronchiectasis, was incurable. She also was blacking out from heart failure. The doctors diagnosed her heart as only pumping at 25%. So they put in a defibrillator and pacemaker. She came to the miracle meeting, but didn't mention her heart heart problem in the prayer line. The anointing of Jesus Christ knows our every need. After prayer Allison came back 3 weeks later to share her doctor's report that there is no sign of the lung disease, and that her heart is "normal". Truly lives are changed by an encounter with Jesus.

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