A MIRACLE: brain damage, suicidal, schizophrenia, slurred speech, stroke


PJ was given 99% chance of dying, and 1% chance of a vegetable state following an horrific motorbike accident. His head had slammed into a barrier. His family desperately cried out to God, and the Lord heard them. When PJ came to the miracle meeting, he was suicidal, very depressed, was physically impaired on his right-side, had slurred speech, and was socially incapacitated. Ps Mark didn't ask what the problem was. While still speaking the mighty anointing of Jesus Christ fell on PJ. He was completely delivered and healed. He came back 6 months later to share his amazing testimony. He is free of suicide, depression and his physical disabilities. He now is working and functioning normally. Truly lives are changed by an encounter with Jesus.

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