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I know that God will do great things in your church. People’s lives will be transformed as they have a miraculous encounter with Jesus Christ.

Some of the things that happen include revival, outpourings of the Holy Spirit, signs & wonders, deliverance, emotional/mental healing, physical miracles, life changing accurate prophecies, and repentance/salvations.

In general it is better if we can have several meetings. As people see the power of God manifest they are not only transformed but have the opportunity to invite family and friends.

Here are some options that Encounter Ministries offers for your church…

EMPOWER SEMINARS    to equip the church in power evangelism, the gifts of the Spirit, healing, emotional healing, and prophecy.

MIRACLE OUTREACH MEETINGS: Invite your friends and the sick, place an ad/article in the paper, use facebook etc, and see what mighty things the Lord will do.

ENCOUNTER WEEKENDS for your church. People regularly have a miraculous encounter with Jesus Christ in these meetings, where the Word of God comes to people in a powerful way.

Thanks for filling in the form below. Please include your church’s name, church address, and a mobile or phone number.

I expect the Lord to move in a mighty way in all the meetings, as people have a miraculous encounter with Jesus Christ.

I live by faith and there are no charges for my expenses of travel.

I look forward to hearing from you, and will reply as soon as possible.

May God bless you,

Mark Hemans

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