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A CHANGE OF PERSPECTIVE… Seeing people through the eyes of Jesus.

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An Audio Message about how to view people who have hurt you another way. Perhaps someone has slandered you, betrayed you, offended you, or deeply hurt you. Are you struggling with feeelings of unforgiveness, resentment, desire for justice? There is a way out, and that is to see them as Jesus sees them. To see them through the eyes of Jesus. He desires that they might humble themselves and repent, so that they will know His mercy. This involves a complete change of perspective. Enjoy.

The Person of the Holy Spirit…

Sometimes people see the power of the Holy Spirit at work, and fail to recognize that He is a Person with both emotion and thoughts. This audio will help you appreciate the Holy Spirit as Someone you can get to know.

Hindrances to God’s River

It is God’s will that the Holy Spirit flow upon us and through us to others. Sometimes there are blockages in people’s lives. This audio will help you to identify those hindrances so you can enjoy an ever increasing flow of His Glory.


Part 1 Faith in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ

The promises of God are all released by faith in Jesus Name. Without faith we cannot please God, nor can we expect to receive anything from Him. This audio will teach you how you can grow in your faith and see the Lord move in wonderful ways. Continued in part 2…


Part 2 Faith in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ




Jesus in our suffering




(Youtube audio) The Total Sufficiency of Christ Pt 1

(Youtube audio) The Total Sufficiency of Christ Pt 2