“I Choose To Believe”

I Choose to Believe

(59 pages)

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    About the book:

When I began writing this booklet on faith I became quite ill. I suffered from dizziness, such that in order to sleep I had to sit up. At times I had great difficulty in getting my words out. The thoughts were there but I struggled to say them. I found standing for long periods, walking or doing menial tasks to be exhausting. The doctor was uncertain as to the cause of my sickness, and thought I had a brain tumour. Virtually the only task I could easily perform was to sit at the computer and write these studies!

Writing this booklet was no mere academic exercise. I had to put into practice the principles of faith that I was writing about. For weeks I struggled in prayer, fighting against fear and doubt, and choosing to believe in Jesus for complete healing. I would say the prayer of faith, “Thankyou Father I believe that you are healing me now.” One day I had a vision of Jesus entering the hospital CT Scan room and healing me. About two weeks later I was completely well. Praise be to Jesus!

I have found again and again that God’s power and blessing are released when one sincerely says the prayer of faith. It is a decision – the choice to believe in God’s Promises. It is in the middle of the problem that the choice to believe must be made. These studies will help you to make that choice even while you are in the midst of the struggle, whatever it may be: sickness, depression, debt, loneliness, or spiritual attack.

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