This is a church in Singapore that wanted a fresh anointing of God.






“The joy of the Lord shall be your strength.”






His glory and power rested upon us.



Raptures of glory when heaven descends.





Here is a conservative Methodist church in Western Java, Indonesia. The pastor had written out the order of service on fullscap paper. The young people sang as if they were at a rock concert, instead of worshiping the God of heaven.

The Lord said to me that He would show them what true worship was. He would show them the worship of heaven. The mighty Presence of the Holy Spirit entered that church.

Here is the choir in the photo when God showed up.





The pastor who had the meeting all planned in detail ended up on the floor in the Holy Spirit for most of the meeting, which was not part of the plan. His wife tried to get him off the floor to give the benediction and farewell, but was unable to get him up. He was deep in God. One of the men of this conservative church called out, “Can we do this once a year?” Instead may Jesus come in power continually upon our churches in revival.



Pastors receive a Holy Spirit impartation to minister to the sick






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