Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a ministry partner?

Encounter Ministries is blessed and supported through the prayer and giving of its’ partners. Ministry partners receive regular updates on prayer requests, events, teaching and testimonies.

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What happens in the meeting?

Over the years the Lord has led Mark to do the following in most meetings:

Testimony time is when people share their testimony either in person, or by showing a video clip of people being healed and testifying. This will help people to see how the ministry happens, and to encourage their faith for their own situation.

Praying for one another. Mark may ask everyone to go into small groups and pray for one another. Mark will lead everyone in prayer which they can repeat.

The teaching of God’s Word helps people to get their lives right with God through repentance. It also shows them how God’s Word applies in their lives in a very powerful way.

Public Ministry where people are ‘located by the Holy Spirit’.

Ministry line where anyone can come forward at the end of the meeting and receive prayer.

What does it mean to be located by the Holy Spirit?

After the teaching time the Holy Spirit will direct Mark to pick people out of the meeting. This may happen by the Holy Spirit showing Mark where individuals will be seated before he enters the meeting, or by word of knowledge, or by directing Mark to where someone is seated at the time.

At the pool of Bethesda there were many sick people, however out of the crowd Jesus located one paralyzed man to be healed. Jesus is still locating people today.

If you are located by the Holy Spirit, you are located by the love of God. The Lord knows all about you and wants to meet with you. Your moment has come. If you do not want ministry you can say you choose to pass.

Mark may ask you questions like, ‘Did you come with a need?’ Try to answer as briefly and as honestly as you can. If you have a problem that you need the Lord to deal with, don’t hide it.

If you are not located by the Holy Spirit in this way, God still loves you. You can join the ministry line.

What happens in the ministry line?

After the public time of ministry, all those who want prayer can join the ministry line. Mark normally does not pray from one end of the line to the other. Rather, the Holy Spirit will direct him as to whom he is to pray for. Everyone has the opportunity to be prayed for. Mark may pray for a person for an extended time, or as is often the case it can be surprisingly brief. It is not the time spent that heals a person, rather faith in Jesus. Mark may not personally pray for everyone as he often uses ‘helpers’. Sometimes he feels that the Holy Spirit wants others to pray, and not himself. Remember it is the Lord who is the Healer.

Mark ministers the Name of Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit, which means that He may not actually speak very much or at all. You don’t have to physically say the Name of Jesus. It is the Holy Spirit who ministers the power of His glorious Name.

What is a ministry helper?

The Holy Spirit often locates individuals to help pray for people. Mark will pray for such people and they will receive an anointing and often fall out under the power of God. Then Mark may ask them to lay hands on the needy or stand a couple of metres away and to reach out their hand. As they do so they often feel heat on their hand or all over their body, some become drunk in the Spirit.

Why does Mark sometimes ask people to wait who request prayer?

Waiting is a sign of faith. It takes faith to wait.

Waiting prepares the heart to receive the blessing. As a person waits on the Lord, Jesus is already at work in their heart. Often amazing miracles and deliverances happen to people who have patiently waited (see Lamentations 3:25-26).

It is like you have come into a Medical Centre for treatment. You are waiting for Jesus the Physician, He opens the door and says to you to be patient and wait, your time is coming, and then calls someone else.

Another reason Mark may ask you to wait is because he is preparing his own heart to pray for you.

Why does Mark interrupt people when they are sharing their problem?

Mark is a servant under the authority of the Master, Jesus. When the Master comes to intervene in the life of a person, there is no need to continue to talk. Jesus has come, and He already knows all about you. Mark does not need to know anything as he is not healing you. He is like a trainee nurse under the Great Physician. Mark’s role is to believe in Jesus, and to obey His command.

A further reason is that people often do not understand themselves or the true nature and cause of their problems and misdiagnose themselves. Jesus is wiser and knows everything in a perfect way!

The Lord often will tell Mark the diagnosis which he may share. Most of the time Mark is not seeking medical confirmation from you of what the Lord is saying but is prophecying. This builds the faith of the person in need. The Lord has His own agenda with healing and delivering people. Mark’s primary role is to listen to the Master and obey Him.

Why are there manifestations in the meetings?

The power of Jesus Christ is very real. As people experience that power it will affect their bodies. Often people cannot explain what they are feeling or why things are happening to them. People may shake, fall over, fall asleep, cry, speak in tongues, be drunk, start to burn all over, feel a wind blowing, experience oil flowing over them, smell heavenly fragrances, or have visions of Jesus and heaven.

Mark has different ways of ministering the power of God to people, which happens under the direction of the Holy Spirit. When he reaches out his right hand in prayer it may vibrate under the power of God. He may blow towards a person or group as the Holy Spirit is being released in power. Jesus breathed on His disciples and said, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit’.

People under the power of God may come under ‘divine anesthetic’. As the Lord does surgery He may put them to sleep, during this time they may not be able to move or speak, and feel a glorious Presence with joy and peace. Normally when people are sleeping in the Lord, they do not want to be disturbed they are having such a wonderful time.

In delivering a person from demons there is an unseen spiritual conflict, which may result in outward manifestations. Demons hate the power of Jesus Christ, and do not want to leave the body of the person they have inhabited. In the Gospels when Jesus healed the sick there were often manifestations of demons screaming, speaking out, throwing people on the floor, etc. Sometimes people vomit out demonic poisons that have spiritually defiled the person. These things are normal and not a cause for concern but of rejoicing, as people’s lives are being wonderfully transformed and healed.

Remember that it is Jesus by His Spirit who is at work delivering, healing and filling people with His Holy Spirit. We honour what He does and the way He does it.

Why does Mark say someone is healed when they were delivered

When the Bible talks about healing the word includes both physical healing and deliverance. It is the church, not the Bible, that has divided it up into the healing ministry and deliverance ministry. The new testament says people were healed of evil spirits.
For example Luke speaks of certain women who were healed both of evil spirits and sicknesses.
“And the twelve were with Him, and certain women who had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities—Mary called Magdalene, out of whom had come seven demons” Luke 8:1-2
Many times sickness is caused by demons. In such cases it may not be necessary to even pray for healing. The person is physically healed when the spirit leaves. In the New Testament physical healing and deliverance occurred together.
“(They) came to hear Him and be healed of their diseases, as well as those who were tormented with unclean spirits. And they were healed”.  Luke 6:17-18

How do I keep my healing?

If you are healed when prayed for, but afterwards symptoms begin to return, resist the enemy in Jesus Name, and remain steadfast in your faith that Jesus did indeed heal you at the Cross. Do not give in to the deception that you lost your healing and are sick again. Keep your mind and heart focused on the truth of the promises of God’s Word. Ask others who have genuine faith to pray and believe with you. Don’t give up.

Walk in faith that your healing was established permanently for you on the Cross. Your faith is nourished by meditating on the Word of God.

Find an alive church that believes that Jesus heals and delivers today. Have regular fellowship with other believers.

Demons can cause sickness. Be careful not to open any door of sin through which you give evil spirits access or permission to afflict you. It is important to live your life by the standard of God’s Word. This means walking in love and forgiveness towards all, living a pure life free of all sexual immorality, not defiling yourself with worldly stuff (worldly music and dancing, movies, etc.), and have nothing to do with any form of witchcraft, the New Age, and the occult.

What do I do if I’m not healed, or only partially healed?

Be patient and continue in your faith. Ask others to pray for your healing. You can come to more than one Encounter Meeting &/or go to other people’s healing meetings.

Your healing was already accomplished in full on the Cross. So you are already healed. Faith believes this truth and perseveres until the healing is manifest fully in the natural.

How do I keep my deliverance from demons?

You must walk in the Light, and stay away from all works of darkness. Demons are spirits of darkness, and are attracted by the darkness of sin or ungodliness in one’s life, like flies are attracted to garbage. Be quick to expose your sin to another and repent of it. To this end it is good to have someone to whom you are accountable and confess your sin to. Give the enemy no opportunity. Close every ungodly door in your life. Be filled with the Holy Spirit and the Light of Christ.

Walk by faith and believe that you are free, and persevere in your faith. Deliverance comes by faith in Jesus Christ, just as healing does.

Stand fast in your faith, and actively resist and rebuke all attacks of the enemy.

“Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you”. (James 4:7)

Why does Mark say that people are healed or delivered?

This is not a medical diagnosis but prophecy. When the Lord shows Mark that the healing or deliverance work is finished, Mark will stop praying for the person, and declare what he has seen.

Most people experience their healing immediately. However this may not be the case for some. If Mark says you are healed or delivered then take the word as a prophecy for you, and believe in your heart that in truth you are healed or delivered.